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About Case London Limited

Case Luggage first established itself back in 1923 under the business name Revelation in Piccadilly, London making us one of the oldest luggage stores in the world. Throughout the war years, the store survived, offering Revelation branded luggage which was considered to be the premier collection of luggage - especially the unique expanding suitcases, serving Royalty, Noblemen, and Dignitaries amongst others.

After future growth and opening up of new stores across the country and in airports, Revelation would undergo a name change to Case, the original store at Piccadilly would become the First European flagship store for Tumi (2002), and Case would increase in size due to the addition of various stores and concessions, including the largest travel goods concession in the world at Harrods (2006), and a first foray in to Travel Goods airport retailing at Gatwick (2012).

A look at the current store listing shows where the retail business is today - dominating the top end of the travel good market through its real estate and in store departments as well as through owning the exclusive wholesale and distribution rights in the UK for Bric's, Ted Baker luggage, Delsey, Knirps and Radley luggage. We are especially proud of our travel goods department in Harrods which is generally considered to be the best in the world, and also of our continued association with Harvey Nichols.

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